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I’m an award-winning graphic designer specializing in movie posters, book covers, promotional art, DVD and CD packages, media kits, corporate branding, and more. With over twenty years’ experience as an art director and designer, I use graphic design and digital manipulation

to bring your visual message to life in digital and traditional print.


When I first watched Hansel and Gretel and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a child, I fell in love with the horror genre, and it’s been the longest relationship of my life. I’m an avid collector of custom horror movie props as well as rare physical media from DVDs and laser discs to VHS tapes. Plus, I’m a student of horror, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction movie poster art and marketing materials, and create the most potent images in the right colors and styles to promote your film.


I draw from all my experiences to create compelling images for clients. My book covers have earned awards from Authors DB, which helped increase authors’ sales for Ron Shaw’s novels Red, The Dead and the Dying, Uya, and Yellow Bus Boys Go Blue – the latter became a “Five Stars Readers Favorite.” But my movie posters have also received recognition from film festival attendees, like director Fred Lehne’s Shy Guys.

Crash Palace Productions incorporates the logo I designed to promote their award-winning THE LAST KNOCK horror podcast, and has been seen by over three-million people in over 120 countries.


I work with filmmakers, production companies, authors, and musicians to make their work gain the global recognition they deserve.

Now, I can do that for you.


For a free consultation about your project, contact me at, or simply fill out the form on the “Contact” page.

Looking forward to working with you,


Greg Palko

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